Virtual Training 

How to Engage with Children in Nature

Engaging with children in nature-based activities is easy and FUN once you learn how. Some simple ways to get started include:  Up close observation with a magnifying glass, asking  questions, such as “why?” “how?” and where else do you think we will see that?engages their curiosity, and critical thinking skills. Writing and drawing in Nature Journals improves small motor skills, hand/eye coordination, literacy skills  and attention to detail.

A caring adult engaging with children as they discover the mysteries of the outdoor world is vital to their formation of meaningful and sustainable connections to nature and building trusting relationships with adults..

Engage them and then step aside to watch the magic happen! Children will have fun, explore and learn!  Be their guide. Let them take responsibility for their own learning. That is the joy and most important part of your experiences together.

training, engage, children, nature, parent, adult, trainingOur virtual training programs support site staff learn and practice ways to successfully engage with children in nature.  Two hour sessions can be extended by adding more hands on activities..  Download Agenda Outline

Each participant will receive a copy of Nature Detectives Orientation Guide (32-page, 8 ½ x 11)  featuring best practices for engaging with children, benefits of playful learning, six reasons why children need nature, short list of “anytime fun” and more as part of the $150 registration fee.  Group Rates available.. Contact Janice at for details and to enroll.

Nature Detectives Leader Training

Expanded virtual training programs, that last up to 4 hours, feature all the practices and activities stated above, plus hands on practice of each seasonal activity, one copy of all 5 Discovery Guides, an end of class quiz and yearly licensing agreement. Contact Janice for additional information.