“The children of CCE School love Nature Detectives. They start the countdown for our weekly classes on Monday! Janice is great with the kids and they love her!” Sandy Wilson, After School Coordinator, Capital Christian School.

“Thank you for all of your love and energy for the students, and bringing this fun and creative program to our school!” Emily Goodyear, Afterschool Program Coordinator, Summit Christian School.

As I said numerous times, your program is a gem filled with great new possibilities.  Andrea Brian Aidan Cole Daisy, Afterschool Program Coordinator, Genevieve Didion K-8 School.

 “My daughter loves Nature Detectives. The kids touch, feel, smell and explore everyday nature things and see them in a whole new light.”   Mom of 2nd grader.

“Part of the appeal of Nature Detectives program is the possibility of bringing kids outside to reconnect with the little patches of nature that often times go unnoticed, using a relatively unstructured approach.”  Mom of a third grader.