We are Nature Detectives!

Nature Detectives, kids, explore outdoor worldWe have curious minds, enjoy problem solving, searching for evidence and recording clues, asking questions, drawing, and noting observations in our Nature Detective journals.
Contact Janice to bring these weekly outdoor programs to your school or neighborhood. We practice:
  • Making meaningful connections to places, plants & wildlife;
  • New themed content every four weeks ~ for fun all yearlong;
  • Inquiry-based learning;
  • Observational skills;
  • Gathering evidence;
  • Outdoor ethics and respect for nature
  • Sharing stories, playing games & creating nature-inspired art projects.
Nature Detectives is more than outdoor fun and games.
 “My daughter loves Nature Detectives. The kids touch, feel, smell and explore everyday nature things and see them in a whole new light.”   Mother of 2nd grader at Leonardo DaVinci K-8 School, Sacramento, CA.
“My son’s favorite class was the one you held last week – where you used the materials from your [John Muir] book. He said, “It was super fun…we didn’t want to stop the game, mom…I really felt like a detective!” …As I said numerous times, your program is a gem filled with great new possibilities. Mom of a third grader at Genevieve Didion School, Sacramento, CA.

Nature-based learning supports a child’s healthy growth and development. Learn more here. Nature Detectives programs also align with STEAM goals and practices. Through leisure exploration, students build skills, confidence and find out who they are and what they can contribute to the world.