Feed Your Child’s Imagination

Build Skills to Last a Lifetime


Bring Nature Detectives to your home, school or  nature-focused site. Visit Products page to discover simple ways you can share nature experiences with your child. Want to learn more? Contact Janice and join the fun!

Our Mission

To inspire a lifelong love, curiosity and appreciation for the outdoor world, that leads to advocacy and care for our environment, landscapes and wildlife. We believe that engagement and meaningful connection with the outdoor world contributes to healthy emotional, physical and intellectual growth.

Who are Nature Detectives?

We have curious minds, enjoy problem solving, gathering evidence and recording clues, asking questions, drawing, and noting observations in our Nature Detective discovery journals.

We share stories, play games and create nature-inspired art projects.

We build meaningful and lasting connections to the outdoor world through inquiry-based learning opportunities.

Our activities encourage risk taking, build confidence, team work, have fun while they learn. 

We engage in community science projects that make a difference in our community.  

Download and discover Evidence to Support Physical Activity, What is Unique about Nature Detectives?  and  Alignment with Content Standards.