Inspired by John Muir.  An activity guide inspired by the life and practices of world famous naturalist, John Muir, Designed for children in third, fourth or fifth grades. A standalone complement to the teachers field study guide described below, Through the Eyes of John Muir,Practices in Environmental Stewardship.

Link here for “inside the Book” PDF. Select check out to order your copy. All books include an extra $5 fee to cover sales tax and shipping. Features a short biography and a series of 27 fun activities and meaningful action steps invites readers to:

– Reflect on John Muir’s thoughts and inspiring quotes about the natural world and our connection to it.
– Discover the wonders of nature on their own
– Research stories of their family and those in the community
– Learn how to advocate for local and regional issues

“Muir’s life shows us the importance to enjoy and protect the places we love, and this book does a wonderful job of teaching the many ways we can all celebrate and experience nature. A must have for any lover of the outdoors.”   Robert Hanna, great-great-grandson of John Muir.

Through the Eyes of John Muir, Practices in Environmental Stewardship

Presents a series of engaging hands-on lessons, field studies and investigations, stories and games that meet educational standards for third and fourth grade students in language arts, science and social studies. Link here for “inside the Book” PDF.

Students learn by seeing through the eyes of Muir’s own life and actions. They can hold him as a role model for environmental stewardship, scientific research and timeless values concerning the natural world. Muir represents an iconic symbol to individuals around the world – in history and contemporary times – who struggle and persevere to make the world a better place for all.

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I used this with a professional development that I taught and it was very well received. Thanks for the great ideas! Tammi R. March 31, 2022.

I love using this resource in my class.” Kimberly K P. May 16, 2019.

“Awesome resource for CA History. So many engaging activities. My students especially enjoyed The Who Am I? activity, the fill in the blank reading passage and the 7 rules for enjoying the outdoors!”                         Nina M, April 18, 2018,


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