Presented in a magazine style format, each booklet features instructions, best practices, supplies, supporting materials, and photos for our three 8-week seasonal programs. This comprehensive resource is named the Discovery Guide series. By referring to these booklets,  parents and others who lead Nature Detectives programs can enjoy simple, fun and inexpensive way to create meaningful relationships with the natural world at home, in the neighborhood or specific site.

Use of Discovery Guides

    • Guide are to be used ONLY as part of the Train the Trainer program or by parents who use them in their home school class.
    • Janice provides Discovery Guides to parents who enroll their students into her online classes .
    • Guides are NOT permitted to be used, and will not be available for sale or distribution, in print or digital form, outside the two uses described above.
    • Nature Detectives at Home is available for purchase on the Products page. This 20-page PDF booklet  contains a sample of Nature Detectives activities for parents, grandparents and others to enjoy engaging with their children in nature anytime. Price is $15. Pay through Square Checkout. .