Adobe Express – Create Easy, Fun, Professional Videos Free

Nature Detectives parents and kids, create professional style videos in minutes, FREE and FUN. Adobe Spark is a design app for your laptop, tablet or phone. You can create graphics for social media, web pages and BEST OF ALL short videos.

Link here to see a video other students did to “Save the Pandas!” Visit to get started!

All you do is assemble your own photographs or images from the Internet or Adobe’s huge collection of images, music and icons.  Create videos for school, share with your friends, remember a special visit to a place you love or research your favorite animal.  Create a video of your own birthday celebration.

When you create your own of your favorite animals or special place, please send it to me! I will share it on this website!!

I will not post videos displaying the front view of a child’s face to respect your interest in privacy.