Nature Detectives is an opportunity for parents, children, homeschool and other services providers and site leaders to engage in dynamic, fun and inquiry-based outdoor learning experiences. Download Nature Detectives fact sheet here.

These experiences are blended with complementary materials and resources to: 

      • Inspire a lifelong love and appreciation for the natural world, and leads to advocacy and environmental stewardship.
      • Contribute to the health, emotional, physical  and intellectual growth and development of children.
 We restore the connection between children and nature.
      • We engage in “Playful Learning” – activities planned or directed by an adult, with the child controlling their own engagement.
      • We believe nature experiences is a lifestyle choice that inspires health and wellness for all ages!
      • When children engage with the natural world at a young age, the experience is likely to stay with them and shape their future interactions with the environment.
      • Learn more here by reading a feature story describing the value of getting outside. Read the blogs on this website for more ideas.