Nature Detectives

Engaging Children & Families – Place-Based Learning – Hands on Fun! At School, At Home, or in the Neighborhood

            “Part of the appeal of Nature Detectives program is the possibility of bringing kids outside to reconnect with the little patches of nature that often times go unnoticed, using a relatively unstructured approach.”                                                                                           Mom of third grade Nature Detective

Discover What is unique About Nature Detectives?

            The Discovery Guide series of five books is designed to replicate our programs at home and as a Train the Trainer opportunity for service providers. A link to Information and registration for our September 2021 orientation and additional training programs will be available from this page. Watch for details to be announced!

tree, meet, nature, habitat, living systems, fall
Fall photos. Fall studies trees as living systems and as habitat to sustain life for animals, birds and insects. Download Fall fact sheet
snowman, winter, deep listening
Winter photos. Winter creates opportunities for using our senses for deep listening and observation, creating earth music to mimic the rain. Download Winter fact sheet
butterfly, spring, pollination, rebirth
Spring photos. Spring celebrates with stories and art, the emerging of flowers, plants, insects and pollinators. Download Spring fact sheet.