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Janice Kelley decided to launch Nature Detectives in early 2018 as an after school program for students to explore the outdoor world by looking at nature located on their school campus. She brings extensive experience working with children within and after of the school day, in addition to community outreach activities with parents. Visit Nature Legacies, Janice’s other website to learn more.

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Listen to Janice’s interview describing the joy and inherent value of Nature Detectives.

Janice is an award-winning writer and naturalist who is passionate about  connecting people to nature through art and science. She delights in sharing the wonders and curiosities of the outdoor world with youth and adults during guided walks, interpretive programs and spoken word stories. In doing so, she inspires meaningful connections between people, places and wildlife. She draws inspiration from the life and quotations of John Muir, Aldo Leopold, Joseph Cornell and numerous other environmental champions.

“When others see a place, I listen for its stories.  When others see plants and trees, I watch life in motion. I invite others to be curious and ask questions as the doorway to a better understanding of ourselves and our relationship to the outdoor world.


Master of Science degree, Recreation, Parks and Tourism Administration from California State University, Sacramento, 2013. Received the department’s Award of Merit .