Build Your Child’s Naturalist Skills

Nature Detectives build naturalist skills every time we meet. Review the questions below and see the Handout at the bottom of this page that presents activities to match your child’s skills.

  • Curious about exploring the outdoor world, gardening, taking nature walks, field trips or observing nature.
  • Keen sensory skills (sight, smell, hearing, touch and taste).
  • Concern for the environment and conservation of natural resources.
  • Excited to touch and explore “yucky” things. As one Nature Detective explained to me. “If it is a bug, I always like it.”
  • Keeps books, collections, scrapbooks, journals about natural objects –  observations,  drawings, photos, or specimens.
  • Uses binoculars, telescopes, hand lenses when observing nature.

Naturalist skills below are grouped into five categories. We identify, map, observe, measure and practice safety outdoors.. Download the PDF here.