Does Your Child Have Naturalist Skills?

Nature Detectives build naturalist skills every time we meet. Does your child have the skills of a naturalist? Review the questions below and see the Handout at the bottom of this page that presents activities to match your child’s skills.

  • Curious about exploring the outdoor world, gardening, taking nature walks, field trips or observing nature.
  • Keen sensory skills (sight, smell, hearing, touch and taste).
  • Concern for the environment and conservation of natural resources.
  • Excited to touch and explore “yucky” things. As one Nature Detective explained to me. “If it is a bug, I always like it.”
  • Keeps books, collections, scrapbooks, journals about natural objects –  observations,  drawings, photos, or specimens.
  • Uses binoculars, telescopes, hand lenses when observing nature.

Naturalist skills below are grouped into five categories. We identify, map, observe, measure and practice safety outdoors.. Download the PDF here.