Workshop Speaker at EarthUp April Storytelling Conference – Nature in Motion: Capture Sense of Place in Nature Journals


NEW Special Project! Join our Lost Ladybug Project!

Youth Learning as Citizen Environmental Science Grant  (YLACES)

Nature Detectives received a grant for purchasing supplies to launch our newest project. Beginning in March 2021, we will contribute to scientific research as we look for lost ladybugs in neighborhoods, parks, gardens our backyards, open fields or anywhere else ladybugs may be found. Learn more and participate at   Link here to download project information.

Nature Detectives Membership  – coming soon! 

Become a member and gain access to the full collection of  five  Guidebooks, featuring: Nature Detectives Orientation Guide; All Seasons Activity Guide; and all three seasons. Complementary demonstration videos are currently in progress. Members will be informed of new quarterly releases and other services.

Nature Detectives At Home –  Bring Families Outdoors

New parent/grandparent 20-page illustrated booklet is created for you to share a selection of Nature Detectives activities with your children as you discover the outdoor world together at home, the park or in the neighborhood. Learn more here.

Value of Nature Education Feature Story – July 2020

Emerging Opportunities to Share Value of Nature Education—Now and Into the Future