Family Nature Clubs

“What if parents, grandparents, and kids around the country were to band together to create nature clubs for families? What if this new form of social/nature networking were to spread as quickly as book clubs and Neighborhood Watches did in recent decades? We would be well on our way to true cultural change.”
Nature Guide for Families, Children and Nature Network

Family Nature Clubs are a great way to explore the natural world in your neighborhood or on adventure where ever you choose to go.  Your trips can be as simple as walks to the park or drive to a destinations for full day trips.

Listed below are the basics to help get started. Or download the free guidebook from Children and Nature Network with forms, checklists and lots of great advice.

  • Create a plan: where will you go, when (day and time), what will you do, how often and how long will your adventures be?
  • Visit/learn more about locations you are thinking about to see if they are suitable for families before going with a group. Consider logistics such as where you meet, special features, restroom availability.
  • Invite people to comeindividuals or families from your neighborhood or organized groups such as Boys and Girls Club, 4-H or Boy or Girl Scout troops.
  • Make it easy to prepareuse a checklist for things to bring
  • Go! Collect contact numbers for everyone that comes to reconnect with them for the next outing. Ask for helpers, email or phone tree or start your own family nature club blog to solicit ideas and pose questions.

Contact Janice if you want additional support.

Visit Children and Nature Network to explore this outstanding treasury of resources and activities for individuals, parents, teachers, nature advocates and guides interested in learning the latest news and information about how to connect with nature and the outdoor world.