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Activities to Explore

Make Friends with a Tree

Find Your Peaceful Spot

Sign up here to become a Nature Observer for the USA National Phenology Network (NPN).  You will go outside each week to observe nature in your backyard or nearby area and enter the information on the USA NPN website.

Activity Pages & Guides

My Nature Notes – a PDF template page for children to take notes or draw their nature observations. Can be copied and assembled into a Nature Detectives Field Journal.

Nature Journal Notes  – a one-page checklist to assist your child describe his/her observations of the natural world.

Nature Journal Quick Reference Guide by Project Learning Tree

Naturalist Skills – a one-page checklist outlining five major skills students learn and apply as Nature Detectives (Safety, Observation, Identification, Mapping, Documentation, Measurement)

Scavenger Hunt ideas – textures, shapes, tracks and much more.