Heart-Centered Teaching Inspired by Nature

“What do I mean by the phrase, “heart-centered teaching inspired by nature?” I’m talking about a way of supporting children that comes from a place of love for each other and a place of awe and appreciation for the wonders of the world around us.

investigate, magnifying glass, explore, tree bark, Nature Detective, fun, engage, observe,
Exploring what is inside the bark – searching for insects, ants and other evidence of life the tree supports

I’m talking about a belief that children’s skill development is only one aspect of learning, and not the most important one at that. I believe helping children find out who they are what they have to contribute to the world is the most crucial work we educators can do. And I believe connections with the natural world can provide strength and inspiration for our personal journeys…adult and child alike.”

“Children respond to nature in a transformative way. Their anger softens, their empathy deepens, their curiosity grows and the creative spark inside bursts into flames.”

Text excerpted from Heart-Centered Teaching Inspired by Nature, by Nancy Rosenow, Founder and Executive Director of Dimensions Educational Research Foundation/Nature Explore. She is also a founding member of the World Forum Foundation’s Nature Action Collaborative for Children Leadership Team.