Falling Leaves

Nature Detectives study trees and leaves with magnifying glasses during our fall Trees as Habitat” sessions. We want to find out what creatures, if any, make their home in the tree or use the tree as food storage. There are easy and fun for preschoolers to grown ups

  • Are there small circular holes drilled in the tree showing evidence of woodpeckers?
  • Has a squirrel stored nuts hidden at the base of the tree?
  • See any spider webs clinging to leaves?

Be sure to bring your Nature Detectives field  journals for tracing and drawing leaves! We look for these characteristics in trees and leaves:

  • Texture and color of the bark
  • Leaf size, shape and color
  • Bark texture and color
  • Branching pattern
  • Type of fruit (the flower or seed)
  • Does the tree you see have leaves or needles?
  • If you see leaves, what is the shape?
  • If you see needles, how many grow together?
  • For either type of tree, what is the arrangement of leaves or needles? (do they grow in groups on a branch, grow as a single leaf?)tree, meet, nature, habitat, living systems, fall
  • Are needles even laid out on each side the branch or are they growing in groups of three or more?
  • Are leaves small and round or large with 3 or more pointed edges?
  • Does the tree have flowers or blooms?
  • Do you detect any fragrance smelling the bark or the leaves?
  • Veins on the leaf  compared to other leaves.

Contact Janice for more information about bringing Nature Detectives programs to your school, neighborhood or nature area!