10 Ways to Bring Nature Home

Nature is everywhere we look! It is easy to bring it home so we can enjoy and experience it every day! Listed below are 10 ways to bring nature home.

  1. Growing green. Container gardening in flower pots, wheelbarrow garden, bushes or trees.
  2. Small critters. Watch for ladybugs crawling as your plants grow.
  3. Soil. Get to know the texture and composition of the soil or compost in your mobile garden.  Smell it, Feel it.
  4. Wildlife. Look for birds, squirrels, raccoons and other wildlife that visit your yard and live in the neighborhood.
  5. Sun. Where does the sun shine on your home? Does it flood the front windows with light in the morning or in the evening? Where is it shady and how does the light change during the day?
  6. Clouds. Watch the sky for clouds overhead. Clouds form unusual shapes and more familiar, such as bears, lions, dragons and more. See what shapes you can find.
  7. Rocks. What colors, shapes and size are rocks on your block? Round? Smooth? Ridges or smooth? Do they have markings or sharp edges with a piece missing?
  8. Butterflies. and bees. They fly from plant to plant to pollinate. Buzz. Buzz.
  9. Temperature. What happens to the ground when it gets hot, or very cold? Watch the soil change.
  10. Water. Do you have a swimming pool or pond? Take a close look at water. Is it clear or cloudy? Does it reflect colors? How does water travel? Where does water come from to reach your home? Is it hot or cool when it comes from the faucet? Why? Where does water go when it runs down the driveway or along the curb?